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Do you know how powerful goals become clear goals? They get written down. Growing up during the tech innovation of the 2000s, I spent most of my education learning how to use Document Editors, Spreadsheets and Calendar invites. But I always felt the need to Write Things Down on a physical piece of paper. 

"Dreams written down become Clear Goals."


By having your dreams, goals, desires, priorities, and intentions in writing in front of you, you are forced to literally see and evaluate each of them.

Like many of you, I always felt the needed to put my ideas down on paper and just... stare at the ink. It would cement a determination, a resilience that if my ideas were worthy of taking up space on a piece a paper, maybe they were worth implementing.

I always wanted something different from the general designs you would find at the big box store. I wanted variety, color and uniqueness. I wanted to source the most intricate journals from around the world and offer them to others who want their dreams to become goals.


That's how L'Rara was born. 

Immortalize your thoughts.

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