Allow our actions to speak for us, happy customers who have expanded there library with the help of L'Rara and our elegant journals. Writing, Drawing, Planning, Doodling, Journaling to your hearts content & more. Allow the pages to give inspiration, allow the inspiration to be immortalized on elegant pages.
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This item is absolutely beautiful, and very useful. It's also lovely to look at. I am extremely happy.

A journal that really helped me in 2023

im a big journalig person. I have a journal for about everything in my life. but this beautiful journal has changed the way I write forever. I appreciate the beautiful decorative art on the pages, and how the journal has multiple different pages to organize your thoughts with. (blank pages, grid pages, blank pages, etc.) I used a variety of different pens markers and writing utensils and I didn't have to worry about the ink bleeding through once. And writing in this journal felt so sacred since the writing always felt so smooth. It was so nice to have the Sea of Stars journal to use as a companion as I worked through 2023's turbulent moments.

No disappointment here!

The set arrived today! Beautifully packaged and the notebook, tapes, necklace and other items are as pretty as they are in the ad display!
Thank you for this unique gift!


Love this. It’s what I expected. Service was good.


Took a while to receive but well worth the wait.
Exactly as described and so lovely inside, beautiful pages to journal in 🩵
Very happy with the journal and washi tape
And a pretty bookmark adds more loveliness


Well worth the money and beautifully made. Can't wait to get another when more are in stock.


This is a beautiful journal!


A good size and lovely box. Pages bleed ink a little.


Smaller than expected but good size for handbag. A pen clip would be useful.


It's even more gorgeous than I hoped! The journal pages are thick so you can write on both sides. The washi tape is perfect. Such a good deal for high quality products!

Beautiful gift!

Bought this as a birthday gift for my friend, and it came super fast and is absolutely beautiful! Exactly as the pictures shown. My friend is amazed with the details. Excellent as a gift, or as a personal purchase.

Upside down

Je ne comprends pas comment placer le bookmark pour que le panda du haut apparaisse à l’endroit.


Loved it! a box full of beautiful details... even the packaging is cute.
I would definitely buy it again.

Beautifully Magical

I was influenced by targeted ads to buy this and man was I not disappointed! Full color pages with illustrations inside, beautiful bookmark, wonderful assortment of washi tape, and very cute sticky notes.

Beautiful I can’t wait to use it. So worth it


Such a beautiful journal! The pages are so colorful and match the overall aesthetic perfectly.

Worth the investment

This is a beautiful set. Came with a cute pin and a rather cool looking pen. There are various different pages for all sorts of writing and the journal itself is really well made. I'm glad that I got this set and it's very relaxing to write in. I totally recommend this set.

Amazing and beautiful will be purchasing again soon

unbelievably beautiful

fortunately I did not have to wait long for delivery.
The notebook is gorgeous. I do not even want to write in it.

I would love to buy them all, because one is more beautiful than the other. Unfortunately, there are not such great sets to buy in Germany. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. I have immediately bought 2.

i love it!!

Im pretty new to journaling and i thought this would be a cute notebook to start with! I take it with me to work everyday and i really enjoy the layout! Ive been using it since the beginning of March

Honestly, i think this is a perfect notebook to help get yourself into journaling
I feel for myself the hardest part is trying to arrange a journal page in a way i want and get so stuck in my head about how to set it up i dont even journal and looking at other journals im not even sure what layout wouls work best for me and i dont want to commit/waste a whole journal if i dont like the layout

The layout changes with every page but i believe theres probably about 10 different layouts and then it repeats the pattern so every couple days is different, from a single page for a day in grid style then dot style and then an entire blank spread with cute illustrations in the corners but colored softly enough they dont stand out more than your writing and then a full week spread
I love this and i would definitely get more! It really helps me figure out what i want in a journal but also keeps it interesting for me without worrying myself about how I'll set up my next page!!

Love it!

I bought this as a gift to one of my dearest friends, who loves it so so very much! It's a beautiful and worthy purchase for sure.


This was purchased as gift, and I love it. This set comes as wonderfully packaged as it advertises, and the quality is as viewed. Colours are bright, journal is well made. Be gentle with the washi tape, it doesn't have backing like some, it is stuck directly to itself on the roll.

So beautiful

This is the first time I've bought the set and man am I glad I did its absolutely gorgeous and I love everything about it, from the washi tape to the stickers just lovely


This is hands down my favorite bookmark in my collection, I can't believe it comes at such a low cost. The owner kindly upgraded my order from the basic bookmark and gave me the collector box with it, and it looks like a piece of art. I haven't been able to bring myself to take it out because it's so beautiful.


I am in love with this journal, it's one of the most beautiful ones I have owned. Every page has a unique print on it and I can't get enough. The journal itself is really sturdy, good stitching, a good magnet closure, and has top notch quality. I can't believe that you can get something so wonderful for such a low cost. I'm obsessed and this is one of the first times I've kept up with a journal, which I'm completely attributing to its beauty and quality. 10/10 recommend!